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NEW: A portion of any profit made from computer repair or any of our other services will now go to a local charity! Help St. Augustine just by supporting local business! Suggestions for charities are available; visit our Contact Us page to tell us which you think is a worthy cause!  8-8-10
NEW: Backup Services with Computer Repair; FREE
Files and data run our everyday lives. If they are lost it feels almost like an empty pit in your stomach, knowing there is no way to ever get the valuable information back. We perform a free backup (stored for a month or less at your discretion) with every computer repair or electronics recycling service rendered. We also perform a backup of the entire hard drive if it is deemed anything higher than a "medium" risk. To us a "medium" risk is anything more than basic cleaning, odd noises, or a possibly invasive hard drive diagnostic. Just remember: drives that are unstable are just that. At any time during a computer repair or diagnostic they can crash. It is rare that this happen while we are in possession of the drive and not before, but it DOES happen. We will do a full backup regardless of what we deem the risk if the customer asks. As always there is no charge for our valuable customers! 8-8-10
NEW: Free Second Opinion Services
Don't trust a diagnostic turnout? Think someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes price wise? Is other computer repair just too expensive? Come to us with a printout or summary of the problem in 100% confidence that it can be resolved. We will allow you to watch us perform diagnostics, no hidden rooms or fees, and show you what turns up and what it takes to repair it. Computer repair is what we specialize in, but we also strive to be the number one computer repair shop in St. Augustine! 8-8-10

Services Launched!

Recycling and Repair information posted to their respective service pages! Also the beginning of our ReBucks program has been launched to serve you better! Check out the web pages based on what type of service you desire! 3-15-10


Grand Opening!

Ancient City Computer Services and Electronics Recycler LLC is now open for business! Stop by or click on the link below! 3-15-10

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