We are now accepting all electronics for recycling! Have an old computer, broken printer, useless cables, or even something like a microwave sitting around? Don't throw it into the landfill with the tons of other trash; turn it in to us and participate in the Rebucks Program! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States generated 245.7 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2005. E-waste accounted for approximately 2.2 million tons of that total. The EPA estimates that 379,000 tons of e-waste were recycled nationwide in 2005. The remainder — more than 80 percent — was landfilled.

You can help the environment, local charities, and yourself by bringing in your old, unused, or broken technology at no charge! Our Rebucks program gives you money towards computer services at our facilities. We accept just about anything with a plug!

Currently, we can accept and pay out rebucks for the following:


  • Towers (Complete 5 ReBucks)
  • Desktops (Complete 5 ReBucks)
  • Laptops (Complete 5 ReBucks)
  • PDA's (Without charger 1 ReBucks, with charger 2 ReBucks)
  • Cell Phones (Without charger 1 ReBuck, with charger 2 ReBucks)
  • Printed Circuit Board (Variable depending on type)
  • Cables (Variable depending on quantity and type)
  • Printers (1 ReBuck)
  • Appliances of any kind (Variable)
  • VCR's (Variable)
  • Tapes (Variable)
  • DVD Players (Variable)
  • CD/DVD's (Variable)
  • Car Batteries (5 ReBucks)
  • Alkaline or Lithium Batteries (Variable)
  • CRT Monitors (4 Dollar disposal fee*)

and more to come! Check back often for updates to the list, or sign up for our monthly newsletter 

Due to the high cost of recycling tube type televisions, we are no longer able to accept them. If things change in the future we may start accepting them again, but at this time we unfortunately have to refuse them.

100% Environment Friendly

Any parts or failed components from old computers, replaced computers, or miscellaneous electronics that are turned in are disposed of with a 100% guarantee that nothing will end up in landfills. Ancient City ReBucks are also available for donated computers. For more information on ReBucks please see our ReBucks Page .
*Please visit our FAQ for information on why we have to charge for disposal of these items. Other items turned in can be used to offset monitor recycling depending on quantity and type.