So you may be asking, what exactly is a "ReBuck"? ReBuck is a term we use to define a virtual amount of money that can be exchanged for ANY of our services! 
How do you get a ReBuck? Turn in an old computer, turn in an old appliance, turn in just about anything with a plug, (excluding monitors / CRT TV's) and get credited! It's as simple as that! We track what our customers turn in using the same database as our billing application. We can also print out a certificate showing you turned items in, but we are a green company. We prefer not to use paper where it isn't necessary. E-mail notifications (optional) and storage in our virtual database are the most eco-friendly ways of tracking!
Help yourselves and help others just by cleaning out the garage! See the Recycling Services section for more information on what we take and how the program works!