In today's world of technology individuals and companies depend on fast reliable services. We offer computer solutions and electronics recycling to meet all your home and business needs. Our highly trained staff provide professional high-quality services at affordable rates in the comfort and convenience of your business or residential location. 
Have a laptop with a bad screen or something spilled on it? Not a problem! Desktop shoot sparks out its backside? We can handle it! Need consulting services at an affordable rate? We do that too! We can handle all your computer repair needs, Mac repair needs, networking, infrastructure, consulting, electronics recycling, backup, printer setup and repair, and on site repairs. The best computer repair in St. Augustine!
Efficient networking is a must with high speed applications, large data files, and an efficient business. We specialize in wireless networking, wired networking, server infrastructure, and other network possibilities for your home or business needs! We strive to be the best computer repair in St. Augustine and have the best network setup in St. Augustine!

Most affordable computer repair prices in St. Augustine!


Action Taken


In House Labor

Hourly Labor on repairs (excluding parts)*


House Call Labor

Hourly Labor on repairs (excluding parts)*


Data Destruction

Securely destroying or removing all data on a hard drive


In House Data Recovery

Data is recovered and backed up in house**


 House Call Data Recovery

Data is recovered and backed up on site**


*In house labor includes diagnostics on the reported problem(s) at no additional charge. If a problem is found it will be fixed at the cost listed above.
** There is no charge if the drive is deemed extremely bad or data cannot be recovered.
For more information see our Pricing page!

Services We Offer
Plain and simple. Honesty, integrity, and customer service are our first and foremost goals. Computer repair means nothing if our customers are not 100% satisfied with their experience. For anyone who enters our shop, be expected to be treated with respect and nothing less. Always straightforward, always honest, and always a quality job...and as always, every customer gets this free! Help us to have the best computer repair in St. Augustine with your testimony! 

Meet and Beat Pricing
We will now meet or beat any advertised (licensed) computer repair price in St. Augustine! Bring in their coupon or a copy of their ad, and we will meet or beat their computer repair services in price and quality! We honor all competitors coupons for computer repair in St. Augustine! This applies to Mac repair, PC repair, and any other computer service we offer!

New Computer Setup and Install

Have a new computer to set up? Have it installed the right way and clear of the unneeded clutter before you even begin. Businesses and Residential, large or small scale, if you need it set up we are there! Windows, Macintosh, or Linux! 
Preventative Maintenance
No one wants to be spied on, but the truth is there are a lot of people who want your information. Credit Cards, bank accounts, phone numbers, email addresses, the list goes on and on. We put safe guards in place for every computer that enters our shop before it goes on the internet! Unless advised or provided with disks from a customer, we promise to keep all the software we use open source, legal, and free to the consumer! That’s right: no marked up software, no trying to sell things you don’t want or need, and no hassle! We strive to be the best computer repair shop in St. Augustine!
Backup Services with Computer Repair
Files and data run our everyday lives. If they are lost it feels almost like an empty pit in your stomach, knowing there is no way to ever get the valuable information back. We perform one free backup (stored for a month or less at your discretion) with every computer repair or electronics recycling service rendered. We also perform a backup of the entire hard drive if it is deemed anything higher than a "medium" risk. To us a "medium" risk is anything more than basic cleaning, odd noises, or a possibly invasive hard drive diagnostic. Just remember: drives that are unstable are just that. At any time during a computer repair or diagnostic they can crash. It is rare that this happen while we are in possession of the drive and not before, but it DOES happen. We will do a full backup regardless of what we deem the risk if the customer asks. 
Computer Maintenance and Cleaning: Hardware and Software
Computer software and hardware have come a long way in today’s world. Unfortunately where there is positive intent for computing there will always be the malicious user. Ancient City Computer Services can remove any bad or malicious files from your computer; whether it be a virus, Trojan, key logger, malware, or any other threat, our computer repair services top them all!
It may sound crazy but dust can destroy a computer physically. All homes have dust and there are only a few ways to get around it ever being able to enter your system. All of our software and diagnostics come with a free compressed air treatment to the inside of each piece of hardware. You will find that with over 40 years combined experience and a love for the computer repair industry, we are the top computer repair and electronics recycling facility in St. Augustine!
Diagnostic* & System Tune-Up
Your car is a finely tuned machine that needs regular maintenance (oil changes, wiper blade replacement, coolant added, etc.) to keep it running and in good working order. Your computer is the same. This complicated system capable of making trillions of calculations every second needs to be tuned-up from time to time for the very best performance. Is your PC reacting sluggishly and not performing the way it should? You may need a computer repair. Getting pop-ups, unexplained web sites, or other strange computer behavior? You may need a computer repair. Seeing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death? You may need computer repair! These scenarios generally suggest that you may have a virus, spy-ware, or a corrupt operating system. We can fix that and just about any other problem you throw our way! Not only do we use experience, but we also keep in mind that times are tough. If you need affordable computer repair with experience, confidence, and certified technicians, you have come to the right place! Out of your budget? No problem! We can work with you and will never take a step that will cost you more without your permission!
Free Second Opinion Services
Don't trust a diagnostic turnout? Think someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes price wise? Is other computer repair just too expensive? Come to us with a printout or summary of the problem in 100% confidence that it can be resolved. We will allow you to watch us perform diagnostics, no hidden rooms or fees, and show you what turns up and what it takes to repair it. Computer repair is what we specialize in, but we also strive to be the number one computer repair shop in St. Augustine!
Memory Upgrade
We have the ability to make your computer faster and it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars! Why spend hundreds on a new computer or take it to a shop elsewhere? We can speed up your computer, old or new, by upgrading your memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs.
Data Recovery and Hard Drive Installation
A new hard drive is essential in some cases. For example a computer hard drive crashes or the drive just toasts from lightning. We can attempt to recover data from most drives and return it to the user good as new, or install a new hard drive in the target system to transfer the data on. For more information on a sure-fire way to tell if your hard drive is completely dead visit our FAQ
Service Plan
Have your computer put on a service plan to keep it running smoothly. Set up a plan to maintain your computer monthly, quarterly, or semi annually depending upon your use or needs.
Coming Soon: Business Package levels! Choose from Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3! More details to come!
(Computer repair in St. Augustine only; Computer repair service packages in Jacksonville coming in the near future) 
Operating System Upgrade
Is your computer stuck in the 90’s? Think your Commodore64 is still top of the line? Been wanting to try the spicy new Windows 7 or latest Mac OSX version?  Let us know your hardware, or bring in your computer for a free evaluation, and we can let you know the best way to pursue your choice of upgrade! Just remember: talking is always free! Other computer repair shops may charge an arm and a leg for advice, but we would rather teach our customers than charge them just for asking a question. To contact us with any questions visit our Contact Us page.
Data Transfer
Get a new computer and need your data transferred or backed up? Have a computer you want to turn in for the ReBucks Program but don’t want to lose your family photos? Data transfer is the service you need! NOTE: If a computer is turned in for the Recycling program, we can place all your old data onto an external drive (not provided) or transfer it to your PC for FREE! Computer Repair service is not needed for free backup of information when using the ReBucks program! We will always reward those who do right and help by going green!

Network Installation
Need a new wire dropped in your home or office? Tired of having people steal your wireless network? Not sure the best methods of encryption, speed, or network style? You have come to the right place! Our Network+ / Security+ technician can have you up, running, and secured in no time!*

Recycling Services Offered

We are now accepting all electronics for recycling! Have an old computer, broken printer, useless cables, or even something like a microwave sitting around? Don't throw it into the landfill with the tons of other trash; turn it in to us and participate in the ReBucks Program! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States generated 245.7 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2005. E-waste accounted for approximately 2.2 million tons of that total. The EPA estimates that 379,000 tons of e-waste were recycled nationwide in 2005. The remainder — more than 80 percent — was landfilled.

You can help the environment, local charities, and yourself by bringing in your old, unused, or broken technology at no charge! Our ReBucks program gives you money towards computer services at our facilities. We accept just about anything with a plug!

Currently, we can accept and pay out ReBucks for the following:


  • Towers (Complete 5 ReBucks)
  • Desktops (Complete 5 ReBucks)
  • Laptops (Complete 5 ReBucks)
  • PDA's (Without charger 1 ReBucks, with charger 2 ReBucks)
  • Cell Phones (Without charger 1 ReBuck, with charger 2 ReBucks)
  • Printed Circuit Board (Variable depending on type)
  • Cables (Variable depending on quantity and type)
  • Printers (1 ReBuck)
  • Appliances of any kind (Variable)
  • VCR's (Variable)
  • Tapes (1 ReBuck per 10)
  • DVD Players (Variable)
  • CD/DVD's (1 ReBuck per 10)
  • Car Battery (5 ReBucks)
  • Alkaline or Lithium Batteries (Variable)
  • CRT Monitors (4 Dollar disposal fee*)

and more to come! Check back often for updates to the list, or sign up for our monthly newsletter 

Due to the high cost of recycling tube type televisions, we are no longer able to accept them. If things change in the future we may start accepting them again, but at this time we unfortunately have to refuse them.

100% Environment Friendly

Any parts or failed components from old computers, replaced computers, or miscellaneous electronics that are turned in are disposed of with a 100% guarantee that nothing will end up in landfills. Ancient City ReBucks are also available for donated computers. For more information on ReBucks please see our ReBucks Page .
*Please visit our FAQ for information on why we have to charge for disposal of these items. Other items turned in can be used to offset monitor recycling depending on quantity and type.
Visit us in person at:
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After hours appointments are available upon request!
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